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Making sure
all your members 
are cared for

Discover new people and learn names and faces. Recognize regular attenders and find those who have left. Send email and SMS text messages to groups, and be reminded of birthdays.
Flawless administration of recurring giving.

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Manage your

Manage your Membership

Powerful and fast search with all relevant search criteria and combinations. You can also store your favorite search.

Powerful reporting with export to Excel, PDF, labels, etc.

Safe storage of personal data with high levels of privacy and security.

Group SMS and group email: send SMS text messages or email to everyone in your search list, to everyone in a small group or just to individuals - from the web or an app. The system also mail merges names, etc, for you.

Simple and template based drag&drop newsletters.

new people

Track attendance with an app for phones or tablets, or do high security checkin of children with label stickers and barcode scanners.

Discover who´s new, who´s attending regularly and who has left.

Learn names and faces through our name quiz

Simple registration of members of activity groups from both the web and the app (incl. photo)

Lists of all upcoming birthdays and reminders  of members with jubilees and other significant birthday and anniversary milestones



Collect membership fees and offer paid access to online content.

E-commerce with support for paid downloads, shopping cart and invoicing.

Simple administration of recurring giving by credit card, checking account or wire transfer.

Reporting gifts for tax deduction.

Can easily communicate with accounting systems

Statistics with charts, key figures to show the development of member counts, comparisons to previous years, age distribution, distribution by gender.

Simple reporting to denominations or government

Easy import from your old Church Management System via Excel. Intelligent mapping with options 
for manual customization

The system recognizes duplicates and helps you clean them up

Site license: All groups in your church can use the system for their needs - no additional charge

Pricing for churches

Church size
(sum of members and adherents)
Startup fee Monthly fee  
< 150 members $249 $89  
< 500 members $499 $149  
< 1,000 members $799 $199  
< 2,000 members $1,199 $299  
< 3,000 members $1,899 $449  
< 5,000 members $2,499 $699  
< 10,000 members $3,999 $1,099  
> 10,000 members No problem, just call us! No problem, just call us!  

Pricing for others

Soon to appear. Email us if you have questions.

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The monthly fees include modules for membership management, fundraising and e-commerce. Included in the package is also optional modules for websites/intranet, but the system also works well with website systems from other vendors. Included in the monthlies is server space with sufficient storage and bandwidth, free customer support through phone and email, all updates of the system, and backups. Also, all groups within the church* can freely use the system. VAT/Taxes may apply.

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